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The day you give birth will be forever etched in your mind.  That very special day and your memory of it needs to be as good as possible!  A good memory begins with a peaceful birth. Debra and Cheryl provide "discount" birth doula fees to help expectant parents have the most joyous birth experience possible without adding another large expense to your birth fees. We want every woman to have a doula if she would like one. Take a look .

Cheryl provides a Saturday Childbirth Class from noon to 6:30pm, once a month, to provide you with the most important knowledge and skills to help you have a joyous birth no matter how you choose to give birth or what situations occur during the birth process. Send us an email or give us a call.  Deborah provides baby care services for our doula clients who request it. Take a look at our Doula Services page.

What is Support?
Support is unconditional.
It is listening...
not judging, not telling our own story.
Support is not offering advice...
it is offering a handkerchief, a touch, a hug...caring.
We are here to help women discover what they are feeling...
not make the feelings go away.
We are here to help a woman identify her options...
not tell her which options to choose.
We are here to discuss steps with a woman...
not take the steps for her.
We are here to help a woman discover her own strength...
not to rescue her and leave her still vulnerable.
We are here to help a woman discover she can help herself...
not to take that responsibility for her.
We are here to help a woman learn to choose...
not to make it unnecessary for her to make difficult choices.

Cheryl Orengo, Debra Fisher
Asheville, NC 
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